History History

Marylebone Birdwatching Society's first meeting was on Friday 2nd October 1981.
Students of various classes run by Kate Springett came together to form the club when she retired from teaching. For the first two seasons the Indoor Meetings were held at Quinton Kynaston School, near Swiss Cottage, under the auspices of the Marylebone Institute for Adult Education - hence the name.

40th Anniversary 2021

Although our 40th birthday was October 2021 it was during the Christmas Zoom 17th December
that we revealed our Anniversary Word Cloud, Poem and Video.
Chairman Steve created a Word Cloud from contributions of "3 words" summing up what the MBS means to us.
You can download the Word Cloud here.
Our Poet in Residence Denis Herbstein was commissioned to write a poem which you can download here.
Chairman Steve also created our Anniversary Video which can be viewed on YouTube.

Then ... Now ... Since

How things have changed over the years.
Have yet to add last year's change to the Coach Stop item currently in the "no change" section and this year's major changes of PayPal and refreshed woodpeckers.

Kate Springett

Kate's role in the MBS.

The "launching" of the oak seat in 2004.

Memories and Observations

Pictures of Anniversary Celebrations in 2001 and 2006.

MBS and the environment.

Some of Barbara Luke's memories of the MBS.

Some of Barbara Luke's memories of MBS weekends away.

Big Cat to the rescue.


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